Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disclaimer: Have been sitting on the couch with a fever for five hours.

I'm sick.

Like I woke up for class with a sore throat and during the course of class sunk lower and lower onto my desk with misery. By the time I made it home I had a fever.

I've been sitting on the couch watching The Office all day. Obviously I'm grumpy about it. I hate being sick. I just want to sleep until it's over.

Scott's been great though-- he made me soup and cuddled with me at the risk of his own health.

We've been married almost a month. As in, tomorrow it will be a month. I suppose that means we should probably post pictures of our apartment (the decoration of which we are very proud of) and of recent activities that we actually photo-documented.

Marriage is terrific. School has been hard to focus on though; I think it's because I'm taking classes and Scott isn't and he doesn't work till later in the day so it's like I got a new puppy and I just want to go home and play with it all day. Not that grammar and global climate change aren't fascinating.

We typically do things like go rock climbing (once), play frisbee at the park (once), play Monopoly (once-- Scott creamed me, my pride has never been so hurt)... Okay so we're trying to get out more but mostly we just watch movies. But it's nice. I could do anything with Scott. (Aw.)

Last weekend we went with some friends to this ice cave... except it sort of became a geology expedition to find hidden caves/ shooting things.It was fun, except that I -HATE-GUNS. I had never shot one before, and I thought, Okay, maybe this will be fun. No. And my husband and future sons will hate me for it, but no guns. They can wait until I've passed from this world and am glaring at them from the other side.

That night I had a dream that I shot a girl in the face. She was a bad guy, but still. Okay probably also all the ultra-violent movies I've been watching aren't helping either. I want a Clear Play DVD player.

All right, that's probably enough from the cynical sick girl. The ol' better half will post pictures soon.

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