Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey from Jupiter

Scott's been on my back about never writing in our blog. That old ball and chain.

So, Mucinex D has ruined my life. It cleared up my sinuses for eight hours (NOT 12, as promised), made me completely stoned for a busy Friday night at work, and now it's 4:41 in the morning and after lying in bed for five hours without being able to breathe or sleep, I've surrendered to Hot Pockets, 30 Rock, and writing all of this.

(On a related note, I am totally on Alec Baldwin's side. Kim Basinger is crazy.)

I really like my job. I like working hard and getting the instant gratification of cash. I like that people actually want me to come up and talk to them, as opposed to when I was a missionary or when I did door-to-door sales. I like watching the savings pile and pile. We have a goal of graduating debt-free. I like that I'll have a significant impact on us reaching that goal.

Someone asked the other day when Scott and I see each other. He goes to school full-time and I work full-time-- at different times of the day. But it's like even when we're apart I feel like Scott is with me. We text every remotely interesting thing that happens to us (for example, a car exploded in his school's parking lot. EXPLODED). The few precious hours late at night we have together to snack and watch TV make my heart melt. I know people who don't believe in marriage. Maybe they've never had a glimpse of this-- this is the good stuff in life.

On the show they're eating pizza. I want pizza.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We're the Best Halloweeners Around.

Siobhan and I love Halloween. Next to Christmas, it's our favorite holiday, and as this is our first "married" Halloween, we decided to have fun with it this year.

First we went to a "haunted" corn maze called the Trail of Doom. When i was a kid you actually had to figure out how to get out of the corn maze, and you would always get disoriented because some guy in a hockey mask was chasing you around with a chainsaw. It was awesome. Unfortunately they don't allow that anymore. Now they only have one path that's roped off, so you can't get lost. They put a lot more effort into it now though, so it was still a lot of fun.

The night before Halloween we got together with Brent and Natalie and carved pumpkins. We had a lot of fun doing it and I think they turned out really well.

Siobhan went with the classic pumpkin, mine was an attempt to do the face of Frank the Rabbit from the movie Donnie Darko (great movie). On Halloween we went back to Brent and Natalie's for an awesome dinner, passed out candy, went home and watched Frankenstein until two in the morning, then called it a night.