Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two Months of Marriage

Well, almost. Tomorrow it will be two months.

o be honest, this isn't what I thought marriage would be like. It's better than what I thought marriage would be like. It's like having the best of childhood and adulthood all at once. For example, yesterday we rode a carousel.And then later, when we wanted hamburgers, since we're adults, we made them ourselves.

Isn't that a beautiful hamburger? I remember when I was a kid, whenever I wanted hamburgers we'd end up having like stroganoff, but whenever I wasn't into it, we'd have hamburgers.
Now I get to decide.
Because I can cook. Sort of.

School's going well. I'm learning a lot. For example, the other day I learned that you're supposed to say you feel nauseated instead of nauseous because if you say you feel nauseous you're saying that you make other people want to puke. Which is funny.

And work is going well for Scott. The other day he called a guy with a thick Southern accent who put the phone down randomly and Scott heard him muttering to himself, "C'mon man, I don't care 'bout you or nuttin' yous got tuh say, Ima just lay that phone rightcher n letchew talk tuh yurself..."

And, in gloriously wonderful news, my dad is coming to visit. Yep, my dad. He's going to fly to Salt Lake, rent a car, and drive four hours to Rexburg for the weekend before my birthday. I've never been in a social situation that involved my dad without my mom, and definitely not that was in any sort of visiting format, but I'm determined to show him what a grown-up I am by having a clean apartment and cooking us good meals. I'm also desperately searching for some way to entertain him while he's here; Rexburg isn't exactly a happening place for 45-year-old men. Wish us luck.


  1. Now that I think about it, the nauseated instead of nauseous thing makes sense. I've used that word improperly (or perhaps properly without me knowing)for many years.

    Maybe your dad could ride the carousel?

  2. ha ha ha! Paul riding the carousel brilliant idea!!

    siobhanyyyyy ... it's so weird to me that you're in rexburg where I used to live. you guys are so cute! :)

  3. Shoot girl. Go bridge jumping with your dad. In Jackson Hole there this slide that's like a luge (sorry, spelling is probably wrong), it's a lot of fun. Or in Rexburg there is a Museum from the Teton Dam flood, interesting to say the least. Let's see what else. Does the temple have a visitors center? Get some cardboard boxes, cut them open, and then ride down some hills on them. Bring your dad back to a little childhood. Have fun though. So glad you're happy.

  4. That hamburger does look good! Will you make me one if I come visit? I'd even ride the carousel with you! Miss you guys!! 6 weeks and counting!!