Sunday, October 9, 2011


Every Sunday we get together with Scott's family after church. I love it. Today we were going to stay at our apartment because everyone was sick with a pukey flu, but it was too lonely. Being with family is worth the risk of a week of feeling disgusting.

This Sunday we had dinner, made cookies, and have been watching Storage Wars for the past three hours (this is what happens when Dad controls the TV, which is every Sunday).

One Sunday Scott and I had planned to take a while to talk about finances. This was when we lived in the basement. I had to do something first and when I was done I walked up to Scott, who was sitting with his family in the living room and said, "Okay, I have an hour... wanna go downstairs?" to which his father exclaims, "An HOUR?!" (no one knew we were planning to talk about finances)

Like father, like son.

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