Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Malevolent (I told Scott to pick a good adjective and he failed) Introduction

We are Scott and Siobhan. Well, more accurately, Siobhan and Scott because Scott is making me (Siobhan) write this. As if he doesn't have plenty to say that you're all dying to hear (I know I am). Maybe we can convince him to share his innermost thoughts eventually (or at least a weird dream or clever anecdote from his life as a professional fiance/call center wage slave).

We are getting married soon. By soon I mean in 68 days. We're trying to start to build a life together as practically and optimistically as possible. This mainly consists of acquiring stuff at miraculously low prices. I can't decide if I'm more thrilled by the $50 bed or the free couch. We've been very blessed and taken care of by loving Heavenly as well as earthly parents.

I like good stories. In fact, I love good stories. In fact, I need good stories. I told God on my mission that I really really really wanted a good "how we met" story.

Now, I have been seriously trying to get to know God for about four years and this is one of the things I have figured out about Him so far: He has a great sense of humor.

Did Scott and I anticipate finding true love while selling pest control in the Pacific northwest for a summer? Was there any other way of bringing a Kansan and a Tennessean who were, frankly, made for each other into the same general area of the country? Apparently not.

I don't know if Scott agrees with me on this one but I think that if we had both been a little more in-tune and a little less afraid, we would have gotten to this point months ago. Made-for-each-other. I asked Scott to help me brainstorm the reasons why. The conclusion: we are both weird, and in exactly the same weird way. And we love each other's weirdnesses and this has caused us to love our own weirdnesses and what's better than loving someone who helps you love yourself? I know there are no such things as soul mates, but Scott is my soul mate.

In conclusion, this is just the beginning in more ways that we can imagine. We hope to not be lazy in documenting it.

Siobhan (and Scott)


  1. cute! i was wondering how you met!! i am so happy for you!! good luck with all your wedding plans!!

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  3. I am very happy for you. It is fun to be married. Enjoy your wedding day and Honey moon because they are the beggining..

  4. You made it on our much girlier blog as a link. Congrats. You can always look back to Friday 2/5 as the day you finally made it big time... Do you have any idea how many bloggers come through our site everyday? Like 12, seriously...every single day... and that's not even including the multiple logins by Becca checking to see if anyone has commented. You're welcome...

  5. ummmmm so can you guys fix my ugly blog and make it cute? I LOVE yours. I'm kind of embarrassed every time I go to mine (it is VERY pink right now). ha. Oh and Travis is a jerk. The end :)