Saturday, March 27, 2010

17 days.

Yesterday we got our marriage license, went to the temple and saw our sealer, got Scott's suit (he said I didn't react well enough. Let me set the record straight that he looked AMAZING), found a sweet woman to alter my dress.

This is really happening.

Someone asked me when I knew. You know, when I was sure. The only moment I can remember having a spiritual experience about it was in October. I mean, I knew I loved him in July; I think I even knew there was something different about this relationship back then (although I was afraid of the implications).

But in October when I met his family... Here I was, already head over heels for this guy, and then I meet these people who I instantly fall in love with. And I remember praying, Can I keep this one? Can this be it? This is everything I've ever wanted.

I was sure, in myself, that I wanted Scott-- the whole package (we'd seen enough of each other's flaws to know what the "whole package" meant). But, I haven't had the best judgment about guys in the past so I wanted God's opinion of the whole thing.

I remember begging for clarity that weekend and feeling so frustrated and feeling that if there was one time when I really needed a clear answer about something, this was it.

And then came this one moment where all of these things were brought to my memory-- time and time again where somehow, we were able to stay together. Miracles. And the distinct impression: I've brought you, and kept you, together.

This is evidence of God's infinite love, and that he's involved when we let him, pulling the strings. I feel like this is a gift we can't ever treat lightly.


  1. siobhan that is the sweetest thing i've ever read. i remember feeling that i knew troy was the one about 5 hours after meeting him. i prayed that night and thanked Heavenly Father for the date that night! when have you ever said thank you for a date? anyway, it really is a gift. so thank you for sharing that. :)

  2. Oh Siobhan! What a sweet post. I tried to read it to Rick, but burst into tears. I remember that same weekend well. We fell in love with you the first 5 minutes we knew you. Whenever Scott would privately ask one of us what we thought of you, we would all give him some variation of, "you'd be a fool not to marry this one"! We love you dearly! We could not have hand picked someone more perfect for Scott (and for us!). We are SO excited and grateful to soon be making this union official.

  3. i had the same moment with brent's/scott's parents. they are way good people. like better than the average above average family. the whole kit and caboodle.