Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Alphabetical Synopsis of Our Lives Lately

(*note - Siobhan and I are taking turns with these... I'll start.)

AWKWARD - Siobhan. Today she was walking toward someone on campus and awkwardly danced back and forth with them trying to guess who was going which direction. (For a solid thirty seconds, Siobhan adds.)

BORING - Scott's life has to be. This is what I've ascertained he does all day: He wakes up-- at some mysterious time, sometimes he won't return my texts until like 2pm but claims it's because he left his phone in his jacket. Then he [plays guitar? makes pictures of us look better by photoshopping them? stalks all of his friends on facebook?] until I'm done with class, and if he doesn't have to work [at a call center, emphasis on boring], he comes over to my apartment and sits around with me and my roommates until midnight.

CALLIPYGIAN - Because Siobhan has a fantastic heiny.

a member of any of various Muslim ascetic orders, as the Sufis, some of which carry on ecstatic observances, such as energetic dancing and whirling or vociferous chanting or shouting.
This definitely applies to Scott.

ELEPHANTIASIS - Seriously, her heiny is that good.

FERDINAND - I keep trying to convince him to let us name our kids things like Ferdinand or Felix and he keeps giving me weird looks.

GALLAGHER - She's mentioned to me several times in the past couple of days that if we ever have a son she wants to name him this. Even more than Ferdinand. (Gallagher would be awesome!!! -Siobhan)

HORKLEY'S - It's this gas station, and it has $.50 movie rentals, and last semester we rented one EVERY-SINGLE-NIGHT-- that's like $3.50 a week! (says the perpetual cheapskate) Thankfully, Scott's parents gave their kids like a thousand of their old movies for Christmas, so now we're set. Suitcase full of movies.

ILLITERATE - Siobhan. Her post just now about Horkley's ends in a fragment. English major...pff....

JUVENILE - Scott, who doesn't even read books (probably because he can't) (and isn't that the definition of illiterate?), does not understand the artistic merit of using fragments and run-on sentences ON PURPOSE.

KNOXVILLE - We will be living there in the fall!

LUCK - Is the only explanation I have for getting to marry my best friend. I never thought I could click so well with someone. I made this dumb list of all the qualities I wanted in a husband and I keep it in my wallet (ahem) and anyway, Scott hits everything on the list.

MONTH - Only one more until we get married!

NERVOUS - I'm nervous that I won't be a good wife. I'm not really sure what that means. But it sounds like something I could possibly mess up, so I'm nervous about it.

OKAY - I think we're calling it quits. We started watching Hot Rod and are too distracted now.

Anywhooo... thanks for tuning in.


  1. you should finish this on your next post ... K should have been for Keri. and are you REALLY living in Knoxville this fall??

  2. Wow, I'm impressed that you made it all the way to O! And ditto to what Keri said - what's this about Knoxville?

  3. i know i know too many comments in one day from one person but here is one more verification that i think your blog is fun and you should keep it up. ironically, im making this comment on the blog entry that was quit midway through but that in and of itself made it that much cooler.