Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I need a haircut.

I made an appointment for next week and I keep agonizing over what to do instead of attending to my various responsibilities.

It's getting cold enough for fall fringe, so I'm doing that. (I grow out my bangs in the summer because it's too hot and I always hate them.) But I have crazy split ends so I want to take some length off, but how much?

On one hand, I love long hair. But I have these layers I don't like and they have split ends too, so should I trim it up to the layers? That would take like five inches off!

Compelling, isn't this.

In other news...

We don't have enough money to pay for school. Well, for both of us to go to school.
(Student loans are not an option.)

Anyway, we fasted about it on Sunday and we both feel really good about me not taking classes for a while and getting a full-time job. I'll support us while Scott finishes his degree and then I'd like to say I'll go back then but realistically I know we'll want to start having babies and I'll probably get my degree online through BYU when I'm 50 and I'm okay with that!

I don't know why, but I am. Six months ago, this would have been devastating but I feel really peaceful about it-- like I shouldn't worry. My patriarchal blessing tells me I'll obtain a good education and I believe it. Maybe it will come through reading books throughout my lifetime or maybe it will be a formal degree, but I trust this promise.


  1. i'll cut your hair, siobhan (for some reason i said that in my head in a really creepy/nasally voice).

    also...you're a smart lady. you will SO be educated, even if it's not by sitting in a classroom for x amount of credit hours. you got this. also, have babies soon so our babies can be friends? thanks so much.

  2. Ha like Erkle? Erkel? You know, from Family Matters... okay.

    Also yes and we should betroth our babies.