Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh alright, I GUESS we can write in our blog again since it's been SEVEN MONTHS...

I would like to begin this post with a confession:

I have a bald spot in the middle of my right eyebrow
and I have to fill it in with a pencil
every day
It's really hard to deal with.

SO... here's what's up:

1. I'm not pregnant. Let's just get that out of the way.

2. We both have about two years left of school and sometimes I feel old and dumb and sometimes I'm just grateful to be in school.

3. We live in this apartment right by campus and it's cheap but we're the only married people here (in fact, I think I'm the only girl here) and everyone around here just gets drunk all the time but we're saving money and it's actually really cute. Pictures to come. (Yeah right!!)

4. Tonight on a triple date with two other married couples, one of the girls pulled me aside and said,
"I love the way your husband looks at you. I can just see how in love he is with you."

I get choked up thinking about that.

5. I made some earrings out of old buttons.

6. I love Bon Iver.

7. This is all that girls on campus wear.

Notice how they're walking separate and no one knows each other. This is a thing!

8. I hate this.

It's disgusting.

9. I'm really enjoying being bang-less. (sounds weird)

And yes, I am in fact uploading pictures from my phone.

10. This was the day I looked like a lesbian.

11. We did this to all the computers, but the geniuses at Best Buy rigged them so they'd go back to blank after the screensaver started. A fruitless effort.

12. I think at this point I had like two more months of selling. Can you tell how hard I'm trying not to cry?
13. Scott has the most feminine legs I have ever seen.

Well, I guess that's all. We got really into Mad Men for a while but couldn't stand all the infidelity. It's not that the show really glamorizes it, it's more that I began having nightmares and didn't want Scott to leave the house. I get a tad bit too into shows.

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